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June 2018

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 Ramsey Angling Club 2014 Dates

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PostSubject: Ramsey Angling Club 2014 Dates   Sat Dec 21, 2013 7:51 pm

Ramsey Angling Club 2014 Fixtures
Date Comp Venue Time Tide
Sun 12th Jan Winter Shield 6 Harbour Walls 6pm-10pm HW 8.54pm 8Mt
Sun 26th Jan Winter Shield 7 Harbour Walls 5pm-9pm HW 6.39pm 7.8Mt
Sun 9th Feb Winter Shield 8 Harbour Walls 5pm-9pm HW 7.18pm 7.3Mt
Sun 23rd Feb Winter Shield 9 Harbour Walls 4pm-8pm HW 4.43pm 7.7Mt
Sun 9th Mar Winter Shield 10 Harbour Walls 4pm-8pm HW 5.09pm 7.2Mt
Sun 16th Mar Winter Shield 11 Harbour Walls 6pm-10pm HW 11.18pm 9Mt
Sun 6th Apr Winter Shield 12 Harbour Walls 3.30pm-7.30pm HW 4.25pm 7.7Mt
Thurs 10th Apr Summer Shield 1 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 9.13pm 7.5Mt
Sun 13th Apr TSB 1 Harolds Boat 3pm-7pm LW 5.44pm 1.6Mt
Fri 18th Apr EASTER OPEN STONE BOAT 6pm-10pm LW 6.46pm 1.3Mt
Thurs 24th Apr Summer Shield 2 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 8.10pm 8Mt
Sun 27th Apr Beach Weight Port E Vollan 4pm-7pm LW 5.28pm 1.1Mt
Sun 4th May Courier Cup 1 Point West 1.30pm-5.30pm HW 3.11pm 8.3Mt
Thurs 8th May Summer Shield 3 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 7.09pm 7.1Mt
Sun 11th May Beach Weight Sartfield 6pm-10pm HW 9.56pm 8.3Mt
Sun 18th May TSB 2 Stone Boat 6pm-10pm LW 9.15pm 1.4Mt
Sun 25th May Beach Weight Vollan 6pm-10p HW 9.47pm 8.5 Mt
Sun 1st June TSB 3 Stone Boat 6pm-10pm LW 8.44pm 2Mt
Sun 8th June Courier Cup 2 Point West 6pm-10pm HW 8.15pm 7.6Mt
Sun 15th June Beach Weight Queens Prom 7pm-10pm LW 8.23pm 1Mt
Sun 22nd June Courier Cup 3 Point West 6pm-10pm HW 8.21pm 8Mt
Angling Week 25th - 28th June
Sun 6th July Beach Weight Point West 4pm-8pm HW 6.09pm 7.5Mt
Thurs 10th July Summer Shield 4 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 10.21pm 8.8Mt
Sun 13th July Beach Weight Stone Boat 4:30pm-8:30pm LW 7.25pm 0.8Mt
Sun 20th July Beach Weight Blue Point 4:30pm-8:30pm HW 6.36pm 7.6Mt
Wed 23rd July Summer Shield 5 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 9.51pm 8.1Mt
Sun 27th July Rock Species 1 Port Mooar 3pm-8pm LW 6.58pm 1.8Mt
Sun 3rd Aug Beach Weight Point West 2:30pm-6:30pm HW 4.24pm 8Mt
Thurs 7th Aug Summer Shield 6 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 9.03pm 8.2Mt
Sun 10th Aug Beach Weight Harolds Boat 3:30pm-7:30pm LW 6.21pm 1Mt
Sun 17th Aug Beach Weight Lhen 3pm-7pm HW 4.51pm 8.2Mt
Thur 21st Aug Summer Shield 7 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 9.38pm 7.9Mt
Sun 24th Aug Rock Species 2 Peel (meet on Breakwater) 3pm-8pm LW 6.03pm 2Mt
Sun 31st Aug Rock Species 3 Laxey (meet on carpark) 2pm-6p HW 3.09pm 8.5Mt
Thur 4th Sept Summer Shield 8 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 7.25pm 7.8Mt
Sun 7th Sept Beach Weight Stone Boat 2pm-6pm LW 5.09pm 1.5Mt
Sun 14th Sept Beach Weight Point West 1:30pm-5:30pm HW 3.27pm 8.7Mt
Thur 18th Sept Summer Shield 9 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 7.56pm 7.4Mt
Sun 21st Sept Beach Weight Dogmills 6pm-10pm HW 10.39pm 8.6Mt
Sun 28th Sept Beach Weight Laxey 7pm-10pm LW 8.58pm 1.8Mt
Sun 5th Oct Beach Weight Vic Pier 3pm-6pm LW 3.50pm 2.2Mt
Sun 12th Oct Beach Weight Stone Boat 6pm-10pm LW 9.16pm 1.5Mt
Sun 19th Oct Beach Weight Kirk Michael 6pm-10pm HW 9.19pm 7.9Mt
Wed 22nd Oct Summer Shield 10 Harbour Walls 7pm-10pm HW 11.15pm 9Mt
Sun 26th Oct Beach Weight Laxey 5pm-8pm LW 7.06pm 1.5Mt
Sun 2nd Nov Winter Shield 1 Harbour Walls 5pm-9pm HW 7pm 8.4Mt
Wed 5th Nov Beach Weight South Prom 7pm-10pm HW 9.50pm 9.6Mt
Sun 16th Nov Winter Shield 2 Harbour Walls 4pm-8pm HW 6.20pm 7.4Mt
Thurs 20th Nov Heaviest Fish Open Vollan 7pm-10pm HW 9.42pm 8.7Mt
Sun 30th Nov Winter Shield 3 Harbour Walls 3:30pm-7:30pm HW 5.20pm 8.4Mt
Thurs 4th Dec Heaviest Fish Open Mooragh Slip 7pm-10pm HW 9.32pm 9.1Mt
Sun 14th Dec Winter Shield 4 Harbour Walls 3pm-7pm HW 4.06pm 7.7Mt
Thurs 18th Dec Heaviest Fish Open South Prom 7pm-10pm HW 8.20pm 8Mt
Sun 28th Dec Christmas Open Mooragh Slip 2:30pm-5:30pm HW 3.48pm 8.9Mt
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PostSubject: Re: Ramsey Angling Club 2014 Dates   Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:20 am

Thanks for all the info on your dates for next year Duggy


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Ramsey Angling Club 2014 Dates

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