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May 2018

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PostSubject: BLUE SHARKING WITH ROB RENNIE    Tue Sep 11, 2012 1:54 am

Well on wednesday 5th september the "CLIQUE " set off on the ferry to go Shark fishing with a highly recomended skipper Rob Rennie on his charter boat Lady jue 111. A slight detour was in order to Gerry's of Morcambe to stock up on a few essencials and then it was off down the road to Wales, with a couple of stops for food.

we arrived there at about 18.45 and got some more provisions from sainsburys and then headed for the marina. Rob was going to be a little late getting in from another trip so we headed straight to the nearest Public house for a lime & lemonade (yeah right).

With Robs arrival at aprox 21.30 we got all our stuff onboard and then we all headed for something to eat, job done it was time for a couple of shandys before turning in for the night for a 07.00 departure time.

It was a two hour trip to our first fishing mark which was just of Lundi Isle where we found small quantities of Mackeral along with some Gurnards and Weaver fish . the west point of Lundi produced most of our bait fish in the form of Pollack and whiting. Skipper said that we had enough bait and that it was another couple of hours until we would reach the Sharking grounds.

It was at this stage that Rob showed us just quite where we were heading for and how he intended to cover the area to optimise our fishing. Gary "Skip " Bridson took over the wheel whilst Rob started to put together the rigs that were going to be needed for our intended quarry.

Asked if we wanted to use our own gear we decided that it would be best to use his although both Michael Emery & Lee Graham both wanted to use their own rods at some stage , with emmo wanting to use his "mincie blue" and Lee his stand up tuna rod .

We drew lots to see who would get the honour of the first fish which fell to me and so the rotation went as follows with then Emmo, Lee, Michael Cowin and then Gary Bridson.

On arrival we were told how we were to deal withthe fish on bringing it onboardand then the fishing began. Three rods were to be fished at any one time at various depths and within 15 mins of putting out the baits the rrel on the Mincie blue rod kicked into action. Not a big fish to start off with but it got us off the mark.With-in the hour every body had one fish and the fishing just kept being steady with several fish to the 100lb mark and Lee had one to 126lbs at this stage.

It was getting into the late afternoon and having succesfully caught a shark on his tuna rod Lee saw the Gaff of not the trip but of the whole year when the reel started to scream off again,yours truely went to grab the rod to let more drag off and the next thing was that both rod and reel disappeared into the depths of the Irish sea never to be seen again(what a tosser).

Moral was kept high by the constant trying of certain anglers to break emmo's Quantum rod but by the evening everybody had had at least one fish on it. The darkness started to fall upon us we had the total of fish up into the 30's.Some anglers at this stage decided to call it a day and went to get some sleep ,whilst others carried on.

having passed the deck hand test it was left to me to bring onboard any fish whilst Rob got some sleep. Fishing continued througout the night and by the daylight the taotal had risen to 45. With every body back awake we all had one last fish with me taking the last one to make our tally 50 for our 20hr session.

The pool for the heaviest blue shark went to admin with a fish of 141lbs and he also won both pools off Emmo for largest whiting and largest shark.

All that was left to do was travel home and get some well earned rest , we all would like to say a big thank you to our sip Rob Rennie for looking after us and for the excelent fishing that we all enjoyed . hope that i have not missed to much out and no doubt you will fill in any gaps .
Any way here are some photos for you to enjoy

Lees 126lb'er

Two on

Even caught on a Fox spinning outfit as did we all

The 50th fish,with all the lads (marvelous )

And finally my Blue Shark of 141lbs

I am sure that the lads will put some more pics on for you all to enjoy

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PostSubject: Re: BLUE SHARKING WITH ROB RENNIE    Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:19 am

good report jamie, well done all, have to put that on my "to do" list
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